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Planting Alkali Sacaton as an Ornamental Grass

Filed under: Alkali Sacaton Articles — Posted by admin on November 23, 2010

It’s an undeniable fact, all gardeners have desires, aspirations and targets for their families gardening endeavors. There are always new plants they’d want to grow but more often than not they come upon a dead end with regards to obtaining straightforward growing recommendations.

Many gardeners would really like to grow ornamental grasses such as alkali sacaton but aren’t to sure where to begin or how difficult it may be. Well, there’s a chance you’ll be delighted at just how simple it is to plant alkali sacaton if you follow these three simple steps.

The very first thing you need to determine is where in your garden you’re going to grow your alkali sacaton. Bear in mind, planning is a essential factor of any gardening project and failing to plan where you’ll grow alkali sacaton will have unanticipated consequences. Keep in mind that alkali sacaton grows in clumps of green foliage about 24 inches wide and reaches a height between 36 and 60 inches. The advised seeding rate for alkali sacaton is one ounce per 700 sq. feet.

An important aspect with the organizing process is choosing whether you’re gonna grow alkali sacaton in a container, as a background or an accent. By ignoring your plan, you might end up with alkali sacaton growing where you don’t want it and not growing where you do want it.

Similarly, it’s essential to look at the plants desired growing environment. Alkali sacaton is usually found in the mid-west and western United States in Hardiness Zones 3 to 10. It flourishes in full sun and thrives in a wide variety of soil types including those that are salty..

Once you’ve made a decision on where you’re going to plant your alkali sacaton and how you’re going to grow it you need to make your seed bed. This is as simple as raking the area to loosen the soil. That’s it.

If you are going to grow this ornamental grass as a background we suggest that you broadcast it. This is easily achieved with a coffee can or something similar that has holes punched in its bottom. You should also use a carrier. White laundry detergent granules or white sand works well (you can see any places you’ve missed).

If you’re growing alkali sacaton as an accent between flowers and bushes or in a pot you only need to drop in a touch (generally what comes in a packet) in each planter box or selected garden bed. Irrespective of where you are planting your grass, once sown rake over it very softly to guarantee the seed is coated by about 1/4 inch of soil.

The closing phase concerns watering. For the first year you need to keep the planted area moist by lightly watering it on a daily basis. As soon as the plant has become established watering as required is sufficient.

By now you realize that, planting and growing alkali sacaton is not a complex or involved process. The truth is, it is actually a very simple process. Likewise, once your alkali sacaton has become established it’s a really minimal maintenance plant and incredibly effective in the role of an ornamental grass.

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